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Hangbag Economics

George Osborne, Chancellor of the Exchequer, excels at handbag economics - so argues Mary Mellor.

Handbag economics happens were the household is likened to the public sector and the breadwinner to the private sector.  When times are good and money is freely available all is well.  When times are bad, the breadwinner is humbled.  He accuses is wife of profligate spending, of letting him down, of asking for too much.  He demands the whole family goes on reduced rations but still expects the children to be fed and the old and sick to be cared for.

Like all who are bullied, the housewife has low self-esteem.  She doesn't want to be disloyal so never questions what he is spending the money on and if it is worthwhile.

One day she will wake up and demand to know why the family is in debt, why the household is always blamed, and why the children go without? Perhaps if they separated . . .

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